Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2 - Serial Number 26, December 2019, Pages 1-388 

Research Paper

meta study of islamic management researches : the case of dissertations of school of management in imam sadiq university

Pages 19-48


Ali Reza Chitsazian; Keramat Mohamadi

Governmental jurisprudence; what, why and how.   (Based on the theory of systemic ijtihad)

Pages 49-71


Abdul Hamid Wasitti; Mohammad Hussein Golgar

Designing a Strategic Islamic Leadership Model in the Organization: Based on content analysis of Malek Ashtar Treaty

Pages 73-94


Mohammad Amin Zarei; Seid Ali Akbar Afjahi; Vahid khashei; Mostafa delshad tehrani

Designing the Leadership Model of Islamic University

Pages 95-137


Babak Hamidia; S. Mohammad Mirkamali

The Indicators for Prioritizing of Public Issues

Pages 139-169


Ali Asghar Pourezzat; Hashem Sodagar; Ali Asqar Saadabadi; Mina Sadat Hashemi Kasu’ee

Identification and explanation of the elements of strategic thinking

Pages 171-204


Ali Bayazi Tahraband; AsadAllah Kordnaeij; Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hosseini; Hassan Danaeifard

Understanding Key Dimensions of Public Policy Leadership: A Conceptual Framework for Typology of Various Approaches

Pages 205-233


Babak Vatandoost; Alinaghi Amiri; Seyyed Mojtaba Emami; Ali Divandari; Reza Tehrani

Capabilities Traps through the Governmental Industrial Organizations: (System Dynamics Approach)

Pages 235-275


Hamid Reza Fartokzadeh; Siamak Tahmasebi; Alireza Booshehri; Meysam Rajabi

Presenting framework for investigating effects of e-governance indicators on sustainable human development

Pages 277-302


Narges Farzaneh; Jafar Mahmoudi

Prioritizing the Criteria for Performance Evaluation of Top Managers in Cultural Organizations

Pages 303-326


Mahdi Aliabadi; MohammadHosein Bagheri fard; Gholamreza Godarzi

Challenges of reverse logistics development in Iran’s Major construction and civil projects

Pages 327-351


Mitra Valizadeh; Mojtaba Azizi; Ehsanollah Eshtehardian

Structural Equation Modeling of Strategic alliance in Small and Medium Enterprises

Pages 353-388


Mahdi Haghighi; Nader Mazloomi; Shahram Khalil Nezhad; Mahdi Moshfegh