Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2 - Serial Number 24, September 2018, Pages 1-370 

Research Paper

Two-factor model of utility-disutility; A study of Quran in managerial approach

Pages 18-55


Ali Rezaeian; Ali Abdollahi Neysani

Interpretation of organization based on human (based on literary work of Allame javadi-e-Amoli)

Pages 58-124


Ali Naqi Amiri; Komeil Roudi; Rezq Berenjkar; Ali Asghar Pourezzat

Methodology of interdisciplinary and collaborative research for solving human-social problems using Islamic teachings

Pages 126-156


Mahdi Ahmadian; Mohammad Mahdi Zolfagharzadeh; Ali Asghar Pourezzat

Explaining Educational Policy Change Using Kingdon’s Multiple Stream, Law of The Establishment and Operation of Private schools and Educational centers

Pages 155-182


Hosein Sarabadani Tafreshi; Alireza Sajadieh

A Strategic Approach to Identifying the dimensions and factors affecting on universities capability for IRI STD

Pages 188-214


Mohammad Saeed Taslimi; Khalil Noruzi; Mohammad Mehdi Medhat

Explaining The Incentive Preferences of Employees: Is There a Difference between Public and Private Sector

Pages 216-234


Roghayeh Abdali; Ahmad ali Khaef elahi; Hasan Danayi fard; Parviz Ahmadi

Exploring the Mindsets about Organizational Leadership Derailment Using Q Methodology

Pages 236-262


Mostafa Hadavinejad; Farhad Shokouhei

An Ethnography Approach to Workplace Friendship Deterioration Factors

Pages 264-289


Nabi Allah Kohan; Ali Safari; Hadi Teimouri

Identification the Main Challenges of Arts Incubators in Supporting of Art-based Businesses (Case study: Art University of Isfahan’s incubator)

Pages 292-314


Saeed Mirvahedi; Mohammad Taghi Toghraee; Naiemeh Noori

A Study of the Effect of Islamic Social Responsibility on Customer Repurchase in Mellat Bank

Pages 309-324


Azim Hamzeian; Mehri Shahriari

Identification and Prioritization Marketing sub-mixes with Islamic Approach in the International Markets (Case Study: Gypsum factories in Semnan Province)

Pages 334-351


Hadi Ghazvini; Morteza Maleki Minbashrazgah

The moderator role of the market dynamics on relationship between marketing capabilities and market performance

Pages 354-378


Maryam Nekooeezade; Emad Golmohammadi