Research Paper

1. Towards an Understanding of the Political Dowry Theory in the Public Sector: Theoretical Foundations, Conceptual Narrative, and Institutional and National Implications

Pages 5-31


Hasan Danaeefard

2. Implementation Barriers of the Cultural Policies of the First to Fourth Development Programs: A Review of the Experiences of Cultural Managers

Pages 33-77


Fattah Sharifzadeh; Seyed Mahdi Alvani; Behrouz Rezaiimanesh; Majid Mokhtarianpour

3. Organizational Performance Management for Public and Non-Profit Sectors; A Conceptual Model

Pages 79-122


Vahid Yavari; ShamsoSadat Zahedi

4. Developing a Model of Consumer Behavioral Analysis According to Islamic Principles

Pages 123-156


Mansour Sadeghi Malamiri

5. A Comparative Analysis of Determinants of the Underpricing IPOs of Governmental and Non-governmental Companies; A Case Study of Accepted Governmental and Non-governmental Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange in 1999-2008

Pages 157-185


Adel Azar; Mohammadreza Rostami; Mohammad Safari

6. Recognizing and Ranking Islamic Financial Instruments (SUKUK)

Pages 187-212


Seyed Abbas Mousavian; Belal Vosough; Ali Farhadian Arani

7. Comparison of the Efficiency of Takaful and Conventional Insurance by Using AHP

Pages 213-228


Mohammadmahdi Askari; Hamidreza Esma’ili Givi

8. Testing Overreaction and Contrarian Investment Strategy Using the Holding Period Return

Pages 229-245


Sobhan Eskini; Hamed Tajmir Riyahi; Mohammad Imenifar